…an audience that loves you, a list of thousands, and a product to help them. 

Now all you need to do is launch it. 
(Sounds deceptively simple, right?) 

And even though your team is incredible – 
there’s something, or someone, missing. 

…And in a launch, you can’t afford to have a missing link. 

.You need a copywriter.


Maybe you love writing.
You might even be ah-may-zing at it!
(Or maybe you can’t get away from the keyboard fast enough.)

No matter where you stand, you can’t escape that there’s LOTS to do…
and you need to focus on the things only YOU can do in your business.


The days of scrambling to finish your sales pages the night before Open Cart…

Fuelled by stress, 17 cups of coffee, and a handful of stale crackers you found stashed in the back of your cupboard.

(Not to mention that the thought of writing a 20+ email sequence makes your head spin.)

As leader.  As CEO.  As… Chief Awesome.

(Go ahead and insert your fav title here!)

Big, lofty, so-extraordinary-they’re-almost-scary-to-think-about goals.

And you need the RIGHT team to make them happen.

You want to change the world. Leave it a better place. It’s SO much bigger than just yourself.

And I freakin’ LOVE that about you.


Let’s change the world, together.

One word at a time.

Kicking butt

Hey Katie,

First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on all the wins you’ve had lately with the TRIBE clients you’ve been helping.  They’ve been kicking butt and I know you’ve played a BIG role in that.  Well done.

– Stu McLaren

Email sequence was killer & on point

Seriously, the copy was so good that our current members asked if they needed to re-signup for the membership.

– Paul Pruitt & Melissa Escaro

The best thing to happen to us

We could not have done this without you! 

You are the best thing that happened to us in 2016!! Thank you!!!

– Kim Vopni

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