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6 Facebook Essentials for Entrepreneurs

So I rarely share business stuff to my personal profile. For good reason too - it's against Facebook terms and conditions, plus my friends really don't care about my business. (I mean they care because it's mine, but that's where it ends. I don't want to spam them...

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How to get clients (and have fun!) in Facebook groups

If you are a service provider, or even if you sell products, you may have found the latest greatest way to network: Facebook groups. All of the fun of hanging out on Facebook, all of the business opportunities of networking (sans awkward moments)!But before you jump...

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How to totally rock at live streams

Facebook Live.  Periscope.  YouTube Live.Pick your poison, because live streaming is h-a-w-t. However, when going Live, many of us are afflicted with DIHLS. Deer In Headlights Syndrome. You know what I mean. You start out with the best intentions but as soon...

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The Essential Guide to Networking for Awkward People

This post is written by featured guest Arielle Quan. Last month, I fist-bumped a colleague’s drink instead of shaking their hand. Last week, I introduced myself twice to the same presenter. Yesterday, I prioritized getting a sandwich over making connections....

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How to make the most of your content

You’ve pressed ‘publish’ on your post.  Done, right?Hold up!  You can do so much more with that glorious piece of content.  You’ve already done the work, so let’s make the most of it.You’ve heard ‘content is king’ before?  Well, I believe distribution is queen....

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The sexy new Facebook page layout!

Have you seen what's happenin' with the new Facebook Page?Facebook is an ever-changing landscape... and this change is a good lookin' one for Pages!This update will be rolled out per user, so over the next little while some people may see the old Page layout while...

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