Check My Work

You’ve done the work, and now you want

a pro to make it ah-may-zing!

Proof & Polish

Proofreading & polishing to make it pop!

K.  You did it.  It’s written!

👊 #boom!  Nicely done.

Now you want a professional eye to proofread and polish your work.  

Whether it’s an email sequence, a post, a video script – if you wrote it, we’ll read it.  (And make it sound fabulous!)


What you get:  Your writing, awesome-ified.

Timeline: 1-2 weeks depending on the scope.

Starting from: Proof & Polish services are provided at the hourly rate of $125.  Send us a message below and we can give you an estimate!

Site Rewrite

“I wrote my own site… but it could use a lil’ love!”

Congratulations!  I get how much work it is, so you’re a total rockstart for writing your site yourself.

If you feel it could use a lil’ love, you’re in exactly the right spot.

We’ll edit and optimize the copy you’ve written for your site so it’ll give your dream clients (and you!) all the feels.


What you get:  3 standard pages of your choice made copy-rific.  (Sales pages not included.)

Timeline: 1-2+ weeks

Starting from: $997

Ready to polish your copy?

Awesome!  Here’s what happens next.

Let's chat

Let’s chat and see if we’re a great fit! Usually through email, sometimes over video chat.


If we’re a great fit, we’ll get ready to get down to business! We’ll finalize the contract, timeframe, and deposit. Now we’re ready to roll!


I’ll create a Discovery Package with a whole bunch of questions to understand your brand, your offers, your ideal customer – and you! (You’ll probably get some amazing insights and clarity.)

Do the things

Me, that is. And the things will be writing your pages! (You can relax. How nice is that?)

I’ll take what I’ve learned and start crafting the perfect copy for your site. I’ll be in touch as I have questions I need answered, and I’ll have you review pages as I complete them.


Once all the copy is completed, you get the final copy to review and have 1 final edit round as required. After that, it’s ready to go!

Use this handy dandy form & tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll be in touch within 2 business days!

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