When I tell people I’m a conversion coach and that I loooooove data, inevitably I get MOST people saying stuff like…

“REALLY?! Eww….”

“That feels so, like, COLD.”

Or sometimes it’s simply the raised-eyebrow-upper-lip-sneer combo which tells me everything I need to know.

(The judgement is real. My stock just went waaaaay down.)


Look, I get it.

It sounds really awful.

Like stripping the human touch out of things and looking at pure numbers.


(How great is the word ‘snickerdoodle’? I digress.)


*Instant reframe BAZINGA*

Conversions, Momo-fied:

It’s a reflection of how many people you help.


Look, your product is rad, right?

You’ve poured sweat, blood, v̶o̶d̶k̶a̶ ̶R̶e̶d̶B̶u̶l̶l̶s̶, tears, YEARS of knowledge into it.

You know it’s going to help people.

And the more people who use it, the bigger impact you have on the world, and it’s this whole ripple effect of awesomeness which makes you feel squishy inside and tear up when people ask what you do, and you sound like a nutter but you TRULY KNOW HOW AMAZEBALLS IT IS AND YOU CHANGE LIVES AND MAGIC!!!!

Whew. *wipes away tear*

K, now that I’ve caught by breath…


That’s what conversion means to me.

It’s a measurement of how much awesomeness you’re sprinkling onto the world.

And data?

Well those are just little breadcrumbs leading you to helping more people!

It’s like Hansel and Gretel (Is that how you spell their names? Airplane mode, no spellcheck) dropping them along in the woods.

I feel like this might be a Star Wars quote, but that’s not my jam so I’m not totally sure. Sorry if this is misattributed, but I’m gonna use it anyway….

“With great power comes great responsibility.”


Data gives you a TON of great information. It’s up to you to use it for good.

So yeah, there are the twerpy “evil-witch-toss-you-in-the-oven” style peeps out there. But honestly, those are few and far between.

Most people have the same golden intention as you: to help people accomplish their goal.

And when you talk to people whose lives have changed because you helped them… daaaaamn gurl, there is NO BETTER FEELING.

(Please pass the tissues. Yes, I tend to get hypoxic on flights. Right now, I’d cry watching Flipper. Actually I’d probably cry anytime I’d watch Flipper. I am a delicate flower DON’T JUDGE ME.)


So those conversions?

They are real people.

Real people you’ll help.

Real people whose lives will change because of you.

And pleeeeeease don’t underestimate this.

You could be like, “oh, I just sell moisturizer, how does THAT really change anything?”

Let’s explore this for a sec.

Your cream may solve their dry skin.

Which is so much more impactful than it seems on the surface.

Thoughts people may have after using this product…

“I feel like I’m worth loving again.”

“I’m not afraid to get close to someone now.”

“I’m not worried I’ll repel my Tinder-date-turned-possible-knight-in-shining-armour with my scaly lizard skin.”

“I have beautiful elbows now! YES! I no longer feel in danger of scraping the paint off of the doorframe every time I walk through a door!”

“Thank gawd I’m no longer embarrassed to go in the hot tub with my friends. I was sick of coming up with excuses to dodge tub time.”

You see what I mean? This is like, really important stuff!

Sure, it may sound flimsy to people who’ve never had that problem but srrrsly they don’t matter. The people who NEED YOU matter.

And it might sound insane from the outside, but yea people connect “dry skin” to “feeling unworthy of love” – so dig for those deep dark hidden reasons.


You’re here to do great, ambitious, “I don’t even want to talk about the impact I REALLY want to have because it’s too big, close to my heart, and makes me sound crazy” kind of things.

I know. You’re amazing.

And how to you keep tabs on this?

How do you know just how many people you’re helping?

And how do you figure out how to reach MORE people?

Full circle, brotha.

Welcome to a new dawn of data and conversion.



PS – Was this helpful? Please share it. Just think of the ripple of effect of you sharing this.

It could unlock the hidden potential of someone who is destined to help YOU but is too scared of the big D and C to make that happen. This just may give them the courage to venture out into this brave new world.

(Or at least have a laugh at my metal-tube-in-the-sky induced ramblings. BRB gotta watch Flipper.)

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