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Let’s be real, you’ve been staring at that blank document for a looooooooong time.

Or, maybe you’ve written something and it’s had all the impact of a raindrop in the ocean. (womp-womp.)

Either way, it’s NOT happening.

You’re ready to make a big, cannonball-into-a-cool-pool-on-a-hot-day worthy SPLASH! 💦

Let’s get things working for you.

Great copy is a combination of art and science. Good thing we’re sales psychology nerds who are always lovin’ up what converts!

We mix proven copywriting techniques with money making sales psychology and blend it with your brand for a site with personality, style, and sales!

Ready to mix up your own conversion cocktail?

(You need something to sip poolside in between cannonballs, after all.)

Read on, my friend.

Sell My Stuff

Get ready to hear cha-ching!

Product launches, email funnels, sales pages – oh my!

Seductive sales pages

The most beautiful sound to any business owner: the sweet, sweet sound of money coming in.

Seductive sales pages are in your future! Proven sales copy techniques turn browsers into buyers, and make you one happy gal. (Or guy.)

Together, we’ll to dig deep into what drives your ideal client so we can speak to exactly what motivates them. They’ve got a need. You’ve got the answer. Let’s do this.

What you get: A compelling, clear, benefit-driven, *shut-up-and-take-my-money* sales page

Starting from: $2000

Swoon-worthy sales emails

Sales that take care of themselves? Now that sounds fun!

Whether you’re looking to create a sexy email sequence to support your launch, or a set-it-and-forget-it evergreen campaign, we’ve got this.

Email sequences build relationships and lead people through the buyer’s journey.

They give the opportunity to speak to different motivations: emotions, data, social proof. Email funnels are one of the surest ways to a sale – auto-magically!

What you get: An email sequence people actually want to read and converts subscribers to buyers

Starting from: $200 per email

Package & Save! A package of 5 or more emails: $175 per email

Launch + sales video scripting

Lights. Camera. Action!
Video is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. And it’s easier than ever to make amazing video.

But you turn on the camera and… now what?

You need a script to make the magic of video happen!

It starts with the script
Whether you’re having your video professionally produced, or you’re shooting it yourself, your script drives the entire process.

From persuasive product launches, to sales, to brilliant branding videos, we’ve got you covered. (Yes, even Product Launch Formula style scripts!)

Starting from $1000 per script

Write My Site

First thing first – you need a digital HQ for your business

When someone asks, ‘What’s your website?’
You’ll be proud to lay that link down #likeaboss!

Website essentials

Your Home page, About Me page, and Work With Me page will perfectly represent your business and speak to your ideal clients.

You get 3 pages which score a perfect ‘10’.

Whether you’re working on your very first website, or you have a site which needs a copy makeover, this package is perfect for you!

Warning: your future clients will be positively smitten with you.
Clear your calendar. You’re gonna be busy with a ton of dream clients.

What you get: The 3 main pages…
…Home, About, and Work With Me
Starting from: $2000

Awesome about page

Oh-Em-Gee, I can’t write about me!

If writing about yourself makes you want to crawl under a rock and hide, this is exactly what you need.

Because let’s face it. Writing about yourself can be awk-ward!

Don’t worry. I’m here to tell the world just how fabulous you truly are.

You’re awesome. The world needs to know. Let’s show everyone how you’ll help them!

Are you ready to fall in love… with yourself?  There’s nothing quite like having someone else show your good side.

What you get: A glorious About page which makes people want to work with you
Starting from: $600

À la carte

Have more pages to write? You’ve got it, sistah!

Your package can be customized with tantalizing copy for other pages, like…

Product pages
Contact page
Social proof
Media page
Press page
Giving Back page
Thank you page
404 page
Schedule me page
Fun facts about me

… Aaaaand sales pages, but that’s another story. Check it out above!
Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll create a custom quote for you.

Make ’em love me

The know-like-trust factor 

Build a ‘you’re-my-new-best-friend’ relationship with your audience

Blogging + online show scripts

You are SO over being stuck on the content treadmill…

… or feeling guilty for NOT creating content like you know you should be.

Truth is, after being part of a lotta launches, one thing’s for sure:

The longer the runway, the better the results.

Building this know-like-trust factor is CRITICAL for sales, but it’s not something that happens just a few weeks before a launch!  It’s something that’s nurtured lovingly over time.

But OMG, you seeeeeeriously don’t have time to do it.

We’ll work with you to determine the BEST content strategy for your business (it may not be what you think!), set out a plan, and put it into action.  We’ll take care of writing the content so you don’t have to!

Content that works, puts you in the best position for future promotions, and that your audience can’t wait to see?  Done!

Weekly content starting from $1000 monthly

Ermigherd-I-gotta-read-it email newsletters

You know those unicorn emails… the ones people actually WANT to read?

Yeah.  Those ones.

We write those.

(Not those normal vanilla ones which clog your inbox and make your blood boil because you SWEAR you’ve unsubscribed, like, half a dozen times already… and they’re soooo boring they could cure insomnia.)

The inbox is SACRED.

It deserves the utmost attention and R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

You only let the best into your inbox, and your subscribers do, too.  Plus, we want them to get in the habit and look forward to all the juicy emails you send… so when you DO sell, they’re ready to buy!

(Oh, did you know that email has some of the best ROI out of any online marketing technique?  Yeah.  It’s not the newest, sexiest thing… it’s kind of the workhorse… but that’s just it.  Email WORKS.  And promse we’ll make it sexy.)

Weekly email newsletters starting from $500 monthly

Check My Work

You’ve done the work…

And now you want a pro to make it ah-may-zing!

Proof + Polish

Proofreading & polishing to make it pop!

K. You did it. It’s written!

👊 #boom! Nicely done.

Now you want a professional eye to proofread and polish your work.

Whether it’s an email sequence, a post, a video script – if you wrote it, we’ll read it. (And make it sound fabulous!)


What you get: Your writing, awesome-ified.

Proof & Polish services are provided at the hourly rate of $200. Send us a message below and we can give you an estimate!

Here’s what to expect

Take a peek behind the curtain…

Here’s what it’s like to work together!

Let's chat

Let’s chat and see if you and The Copy Pro team is a great fit! Usually through email, sometimes over video chat.


If we’re a great fit, we’ll get ready to get down to business. We’ll finalize the contract, timeframe, and deposit. Now we’re ready to roll!


You’ll receive a Discovery Package with a whole bunch of questions to understand your brand, your offers, your ideal customer – and you! (You’ll probably get some amazing insights and clarity.)

Do the things

The Copy Pro team, that is. And the things will be doing the writing for you! (You can relax. How nice is that?)


Once all the copy is completed, you get the final copy to review and have 1 final edit round as required. After that, it’s ready to go!

Use this handy dandy form & tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll be in touch within 2 business days!

You love making money, but hate feeling salesy.

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