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Sales Pages

Get ready to hear cha-ching!

The most beautiful sound to any business owner: the sweet, sweet sound of money coming in.

How sad would it be to watch people come to your website – and bounce?  Ugh.  All that work you put into making your fabulous product, creating your amazing service… and nothing.  Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

Swoon-worthy sales pages are in your future!   Proven sales copy techniques turn browsers into buyers, and make you one happy gal.  (Or guy.)

Together, we’ll to dig deep into what drives your ideal client so we can speak to exactly what motivates them.  They’ve got a need.  You’ve got the answer.  Let’s do this.


What you get:  A compelling, clear, benefit-driven customized sales page

Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Starting from: $1500

Package & Save! Package with 2 or more pages and save up to $200

Email Funnels

The word fun is in funnel for a reason!

Sales that take care of themselves?  Now that sounds fun!

Whether you’re looking to create a sexy email sequence to support your launch, or a set-it-and-forget-it evergreen campaign, we’ve got this.

Email sequences build relationships and lead people through the buyer’s journey.  

They give the opportunity to speak to different motivations: emotions, data, social proof.  Email funnels are one of the surest ways to a sale  – automatically!


What you get:  An email sequence people actually want to read and converts subscribers to buyers

Timeline: 1-2+ weeks depending on the scope

Starting from: $150 per email

Package & Save! A package of 5 or more emails: $125 per email

Product Descriptions

We’re gonna make ’em want it

Whether your product is digital and delivered by e-mail, or physical and delivered by real mail, juicy product descriptions are key to getting products purchased.

You need copy that appeals to the imagination so people can envision themselves using the product – and getting the results they’re after!  

We’ll give buyers peace of mind by easing the doubts.  Every detail they’ll need to know – what to expect, delivery, and how to make the most of the product – will be elegantly summarized so customers can confidently Add to Cart.

We’ll make people see that life is so much better on the other side of the ‘Buy’ button!


What you get:  A product description which demonstrates how they’ll benefit

Timeline: 1-2+ weeks depending on the scope

Starting from: $500

Package & Save! A package of 5 or more descriptions: $400 per description

Ready to sell your stuff?

Awesome!  Here’s what happens next.

Let's chat

Let’s chat and see if we’re a great fit! Usually through email, sometimes over video chat.


If we’re a great fit, we’ll get ready to get down to business! We’ll finalize the contract, timeframe, and deposit. Now we’re ready to roll!


I’ll create a Discovery Package with a whole bunch of questions to understand your brand, your offers, your ideal customer – and you! (You’ll probably get some amazing insights and clarity.)

Do the things

Me, that is. And the things will be writing for you! (You can relax. How nice is that?)

I’ll take what I’ve learned and start crafting the perfect copy for your site. I’ll be in touch as I have questions I need answered, and I’ll have you review writing as it’s completed.


Once all the copy is completed, you get the final copy to review and have 1 final edit round as required. After that, it’s ready to go!

Use this handy dandy form & tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll be in touch within 2 business days!

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