Work with me

You’ve got BIG plans for your business.

But you need a little help along the way.

Having copy that SELLS.

Sales pages, product descriptions, email funnels… oh, my!  

High-impact sales copy that makes bank is comin’ your way.  (And you don’t have to write a word of it!)


Having a website that ROCKS.

Let’s get your site copy working for you.

Those words on your website have a big job: to attract & connect with your ideal client so they book you & buy! 

Having video which CONNECTS.

Video is one of the BEST ways to reach with your audience.

Brand and launch video scripting which speaks to your ideal client’s heart and inspires them to take action.


Now imagine that’s all taken care of for you.

Take a deep breath.  (Feels good, doesn’t it?)

No more sleepless nights wondering thinking about ALLLLL those emails you have to write for your launch.

No more staring at the cursor as it blinks back at you from an empty page.

No more major awk feeling when someone asks for your website and you falter saying, ‘uh, it’s not ready yet…’

Just you, doing what you actually want to in your business!

You in?

Here’s how I can help you:

And in case we haven’t met yet…

I’m Katie Momo, The Copy Pro.  

I’m kind of obsessed with helping YOU make money.

I love mixing up sales-provoking word cocktails (and actual cocktails) which speak to the soul of your client so they take out their wallet singing,

“You’re the one that I want!  Ooo, ooo ooo, honey!”

(NOTE: Musical interlude may vary)


So let’s do this!  Put down the pen.  Back away from the keyboard.

Stop doing the stuff you don’t enjoy (or just ain’t your cup of tea) and get back to doing what really lights you up.  We’ve got this.  Let’s Write Your Site & Sell Your Stuff!

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