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Great copy is a combination of art and science. Good thing I’m a sales psychology nerd who’s always lovin’ up what converts!

I mix proven copywriting techniques with money making sales psychology and blend it with your brand for a site with personality, style, and sales!

Website Essentials

Hit the ground running with your 3 main pages!

Your Home page, About Me page, and Work With Me page will perfectly represent your business and speak to your ideal clients.  You get 3 pages which score a perfect ‘10’.

Whether you’re working on your very first website, or you have a site which needs a copy makeover, this package is perfect for you!

Warning: your future clients will be positively smitten with you.  

Clear your calendar. You’re gonna be busy with a ton of dream clients.


What you get:  The 3 main pages.
– Home page – $500 value
– About me – $600 value
– Work with me – $600 value

Timeline: 2-3+ weeks

Starting from: $1500

Get the Website Essentials package and save up to $200 off a la carte pricing!

Awesome About Page

Oh-Em-Gee, I can’t write about me!

If writing about yourself makes you want to crawl under a rock and hide, this is exactly what you need.

Because let’s face it.  Writing about yourself can be awk-ward!  

Don’t worry.  I’m here to tell the world just how fabulous you truly are.

You’re awesome.  The world needs to know.  Let’s show everyone how you’ll help them!

Are you ready to fall in love… with yourself?

There’s nothing quite like having someone else show your good side.


What you get:  A glorious About page which makes people want to work with you

Timeline: 1-2+ weeks

Starting from: $600

À La Carte

Have more pages to write?  You’ve got it, sistah!

Your package can be customized with tantalizing copy for other pages, like…

  • Product pages
  • Contact page
  • Social proof
  • Media page
  • Press page
  • Giving Back page
  • Thank you page
  • 404 page
  • Schedule me page
  • Fun facts about me
  • Blog
  • … Aaaaand sales pages, but that’s another story.  Check it out here!

Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll create a custom quote for you.

Ready to write your site?

Awesome!  Here’s what happens next.

Let's chat

Let’s chat and see if we’re a great fit! Usually through email, sometimes over video chat.


If we’re a great fit, we’ll get ready to get down to business! We’ll finalize the contract, timeframe, and deposit. Now we’re ready to roll!


I’ll create a Discovery Package with a whole bunch of questions to understand your brand, your offers, your ideal customer – and you! (You’ll probably get some amazing insights and clarity.)

Do the things

Me, that is. And the things will be writing your pages! (You can relax. How nice is that?)

I’ll take what I’ve learned and start crafting the perfect copy for your site. I’ll be in touch as I have questions I need answered, and I’ll have you review pages as I complete them.


Once all the copy is completed, you get the final copy to review and have 1 final edit round as required. After that, it’s ready to go!

Use this handy dandy form & tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll be in touch within 2 business days!

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